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Fearless Conversations

Fearless Conversations is a Virtual Table Talk on matters that concern

and interest first-generation women. It is a safe space to express feelings, experiences, and ideas. Join us and let's talk about it!

Upcoming Fearless Conversations

September 2024 

Additional Details Coming Soon!

Past Fearless Conversations

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The Internal Pandemic: How to Navigate Anxiety


Breaking Barriers: Navigating Careers & Spaces: As first-generation women, we have a unique experience as we navigate career choices and overall workplace dynamics. Join us as we share our experiences and what we can do to start breaking the glass ceiling. Conversation led by Alma Diaz & Diana Hoffmaster!


It's Not You, It's Me: Let's be honest who doesn't have a complicated relationship with money?  The spending, saving, investing, and gifting. But did you know that our relationship with money directly correlates with our upbringing and life experiences? Join us as we explore family roots and our money personality.

Progress Not Perfection: Who hasn't been feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and discouraged these past few months? Putting goals on hold and all. Join us and let's talk about it! How can we re-energize, re-calibrate, and get to where we want to be; because you might not be as stuck as you feel!

Why do I feel so guilty?: Let's chat about why we as first-generation women feel guilty around success, choosing when to have a family, financial independence, and much more.

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