Meet The Team


Paulaska S. Ramirez

Founder & Executive Director

Paulaska S. Ramirez is the Founder and Executive Director of Generation Fearless. Ramirez is responsible for the vision, strategy, and efforts of the organization, which aims to empower, uplift, and help first-generation women navigate all stages of their lives. As a first-generation, Latina, Ramirez found herself navigating college, graduate school, relationships, and many parts of adulthood without a point of reference. Now she aspires to help other first-generation women by serving as that reference point. Her experiences in nonprofit, social service, and higher education— where she works directly with first-generation low-income students of diverse backgrounds— inspired her to found Generation Fearless. 


Paulaska has 12+ years of experience in higher education, working with students of diverse backgrounds from low-income households. As a proud Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program alum, she understands the importance of serving as an advocate and supporting students on their academic journey. She attributes much of her success to the opportunities and support received from the program throughout her academic and professional career.


Paulaska has extensive experience spearheading and facilitating educational and social workshops, training, and one-on-one initiatives to address personal development, leadership, culture & identity, and career planning. She creates innovative solutions to strengthen diversity, inclusion, and cultural competencies. She serves as a voice and advocate to shed light on the disparities and inequities experienced by members of her community.

Paulaska is the daughter of Dominican immigrants; she was born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey, and had been a proud resident of Paterson, New Jersey, for over a decade.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a concentration in criminal justice from William Paterson University of New Jersey and her master’s in administrative science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Currently, she is pursuing her Doctor of Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership Studies at Northeastern University. 

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Amina Mostafa

Founding Board Member & Secretary

Amina Mostafa serves as a founding board member and secretary for Generation Fearless. A licensed associate counselor in the state of New Jersey and a higher education administrator working mostly with marginalized students who are first-generation. Mostafa is passionate about helping and takes a holistic approach to supporting first-generation individuals with her background as a therapist. 

Amina is the daughter of Egyptian immigrants, she was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from New Jersey City University and her master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

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Clara M. Diaz

Founding Board Member & Treasurer

Clara M. Diaz serves as a founding board member and treasurer for Generation Fearless.  A bilingual first-generation accountant, Diaz has over eight years of professional experience in property and corporate accounting. She is blazing a path for other women of color who hope to pursue a career in accounting. Diaz is passionate about helping first-generation college students and serves as an academic coach and mentor.

Clara is the daughter of Dominican immigrants, she was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. A graduate of William Paterson University of New Jersey, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting and a minor in Spanish and her MBA with a concentration in accounting.

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Sonia Wilson

Community Engagement Chair

Sonia Wilson serves as the Community Engagement Chair for Generation Fearless. Sonia Wilson has worked in the insurance industry for more than 10 years where she helped insureds “recover from the unexpected.” After the doors unexpectedly closed on that career, she used that same philosophy to reinvent herself. In 2016, she began working in the field of Higher Education where she found her passion for assisting students to pursue academic excellence on their journey of higher education.  For the past 10 years, Wilson has volunteered her time and efforts to Kids of Incarcerated Parents (KOIP), a non-profit organization that provides gifts to children during the Christmas holiday and supplies during the school year.  Wilson is impassioned to help all students but specifically, first-generation students of color achieve higher education with the goal of increasing their social mobility. She seeks to use her experience and skill as a higher education professional and her life as a testimony of “I can and I will.”

Sonia is a first-generation college graduate, she was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. She earned her associate’s degree in Human Services from Passaic County Community, her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from William Paterson University of New Jersey, and her master’s degree in Higher Education from William Paterson University of New Jersey.

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Dominique Virgo

Social Media Intern

Dominique Virgo serves as the Social Media Intern for Generation Fearless. Dominique Virgo has worked for Live Nation as a Marketing Intern, AGA Agency in Artist Outreach and has been in work locally in Paterson with Q&Q Entertainment & Rack Boyz Entertainment. She has over 12 years of experience in social media and marketing.  She is passionate about empowering others to use their talent and creativity. She is also the CEO of  Raised Royal Management, an artist management company where she supports new artists own to bring their creativity to life.

Dominique is a first-generation college graduate, she was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. She received her associate’s degree in Communications from Passaic County Community College, her bachelor’s degree in Communications concentration Media Production from William Paterson University of New Jersey & her master’s degree in Business concentration Music & Entertainment Management from William Paterson University of New Jersey.


Angela Marie Subido

Social Media Intern

Angela Marie Subido serves as the Social Media Intern for Generation Fearless.  Angela has spent the past 5 years participating in meaningful work that addressed the needs of youth, students, people with disabilities, and low-income families in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and San Diego. Angela has spent most of her time post-grad serving the community with creative outreach through food distribution, art sharings, educational discussions, and health services. Angela draws inspiration from the people she meets and is excited to help make those ideas come to life. Her hobbies include cooking, fitness, live music events, and spending time in nature. 

Angela identifies as Filipino and uses she/her pronouns. She has been a San Diego resident for the majority of her life. She received her bachelor’s degree in Asian American Studies and a minor in Applied Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara &