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Thank you for visiting our donation page.

 Your financial support is key to sustaining our services. 

With your donation, we are able to provide free and low-cost programs and events for the ever-growing population of first-generation women. 

Generation Fearless, Inc. is a public charity,  501(c) (3).   ​

Your kind donations are tax-deductible.

Our tax I.D. number is 84-3596811.

Thank You!


Alma V.

Beresco Designs

Bridget Aileen Sicsko

Chris Ward Jr.

Dalia R.

Dr. C. Hugie

Evy F.

Gina V.

Howard I.

Ida C.

Kathy-Lee A.

Luz R.

Mariela A.

Mark R.

Maya S.

Natalie D.

Passaic County Sheriff's Department

Rhonda S.

Sabrina S.

Samantha L.


Your kindness, support & generosity are greatly appreciated!

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