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Financial Wellness


It's too easy to swipe and get carried away. Carrying cash can help you stick to your spending budget.

​This should be 20% of your total budget.


​Carrying cash helps you think through some of your purchases. With $20 left, is that caramel latte really worth the $4.95?​


How much are you putting away for your Rainy Day Fund, General Savings and/or  Retirement Fund?

This should be 20% of your total budget.

Automatic transfers on payday to your savings account can help you stay honest and on track to meeting your goals. Having that savings account at a different bank can also help avoid impulse transfers.


One way to build your wealth and start developing generational wealth is by investing. 


​This should be 10% of your total budget.


​Besides investing in yourself, which should always be on the list of priorities think of stocks & equities, bonds, real estate, and collectibles, to just name a few.  Develop a firm budget, do your research, and take a chance.


Often we stick to our budget and saving plan and it all goes out the window during the holidays. 

One way to stay on track is to make your shopping list early with the specific items you would like to purchase. Then create a firm budget and begin purchasing items a few at a time, before the holiday craze.

Another way is to buy a $50 or $100 gift card a month and put them away until you start holiday shopping. Then use them to purchase gifts or simply give as a gift.


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