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Fearless Growth & Development Institute

Fearless Growth & Development Institute is a holistic three-day and two nights professional development program with a transformative and learner-centered curriculum unpacking the first-generation identity, strengthening professional development, and cultivating financial wellness for first-generation women.

Institute Benefits

Transformative Curriculum designed to foster learning experiences that result or catalyze a transformational shift.

Building community with other professionals with similar lived experiences.

Learner-Centered Curriculum focused on learners’ needs and driven by learners’ intrinsic motivation.

Interactive sessions that capture best practices and shared learning.


Young Businesswoman

Discovering & Healing You


Personal Development &

Emotional Wellness

Key Topics:

Unpacking Fist-Generation Identity

Emotional Wellness

Healing Process

Women’s Health Preventative Care

Creating a Self-Care Plan

Young Businesswomen

Discovering & Branding You


Leadership & Professional

Identity Development

Key Topics:

Professional Identity

Leadership Philosophy

Creating an Executive Presence

Navigating Organizational Culture & Norms

Networking & Building Social Capital

Salary & Promotion Negotiations

Woman with Hijab

Cultivating Financial Wellness


Financial Literacy &


Key Topics:

Budgeting & Saving


Preparing for Retirement


October 2023

Bullet Journal
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