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Mission, Vision, and Purpose


To educate, empower, and support first-generation women navigate all stages of their lives by providing mentorship and connecting them to resources.

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For first-generation women

to feel empowered,

fearless, confident, and adequate in their educational, professional, and personal lives.

Young woman


Empower first-generation women to thrive beyond their ancestors’ dreams.

Generation Fearless defines first-generation as a person who is the first in their immediate family to navigate a new space without a point of reference. 

Our Values


We believe in speaking out and doing what is right and needed in spite of comfort and the possibility of adverse consequences.


We believe in the importance of understanding

not only the needs, but the experience of others.


We believe in the continuous development of oneself.  Embracing different ways to learn, develop, and connect as an organization and as an individual.


We believe in honoring our commitments and maintaining the highest ethical standards in all we do.​

Civic Engagment

We believe in giving back to our communities and providing a catalyst for change.

Generation Fearless, Inc. is a public charity,  501 (c) (3), established in 2019.

Tax I.D. number 84-3596811

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