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Women Supporting Women

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Women have been gathering in circles for centuries as an opportunity to connect,

share stories & speak from their heart.

In this day and age, there is a slight pulse of disconnection, judgment, and shame,

so I see women’s circles and ceremonies as the antidote to create more unity, love, joy, hope, and togetherness.

What to Expect:

Kundalini yoga meditation, breath practice

Be with a community of like-minded women

Prompts for reflection on the theme

A safe space for you to use your voice, feel your emotions and transmute wounds to wisdom




Cosmically, this has been a very profound time for many. Major transitions, pivots, and changes galore. Use this time to reflect on what is no longer meant for you & imagine the newness that is to be brought into your life whether it's related to your career, relationship, finances, business, and more.



​50% of all ticket sales go to Generation Fearless 

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