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Women Colleagues

Fearless Action Partners

Fearless Action Partners is a Virtual Working Group in order to empower, support, and hold first-generation women accountable as they work toward reaching their goals for the year

All sessions will begin with a quick check-in for those who may want to share their progress, challenges, or ask for guidance, and then to work we go.

For the remainder of the time, individuals can work on their tasks to reach their goal(s).


That may be working on a business plan, studying for a certification,

reading a book, or working on your meal prep calendar.

A guaranteed hour to hour and a half a month to ensure you make progress towards your goal.

Returning January 2025!


Goal Setting Planner

Goals of the Week

Plan for Today

52 Week Challenge

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Artful Agenda

 Use Referral Code:  RP406393 and 10% of your first payment will be donated to Generation Fearless.

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 These are recommendations shared by Fearless Trailblazers during our monthly sessions.

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