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Owning My Journey & Strengthening the Woman Within
May 22, 2021


Azaria Cunningham

Keynote Speaker


Natalia G. Claytor



Tara McCaskill




10:00 am Opening Remarks

 10: 15 am Session 1

Maintaining Healthy Relationships While Working Through Your Personal Challenges

with Amina Mostafa & Natalia Claytor

Navigating relationships can be challenging when we try to work through years of baggage and unhealed trauma. In this conversation, we hope to share ways to spot our triggers, develop the tools we need to begin the healing process, and develop healthy relationships.


 11:15 am Session 2

Creating Your Fearless Tribe with Tara “Coach T” McCaskill

A strong support system is not only what gets us through tough times but also encourages and empowers us to be the best version of ourselves. In this conversation, Coach T will share how to build your Fearless Tribe with those that will support you in your journey and not let you settle for anything less than you deserve.


 12:15 pm Keynote

Owning My Journey & Strengthening the Woman Within with Azaria Cunningham

 1:30 pm Closing Remarks

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