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Owning My Journey  & Redesigning

My LifeRetreat

May 13, 2023


9:30 am Continental Breakfast & Check-In


10:00 am Opening Remarks

10: 15 am Session 1

Everything All At Once

Presenter: Liz Amaya- Fernandez

Whether through our upbringing or parts of our lived experiences, we continuously find ourselves

trying to do it all, all at once, or feel guilty for not doing so. We put the needs of others before our own and

try to meet others' expectations of us. In this conversation, we discuss how our value is not linked to our productivity and how we can begin to redesign our life.

11:15 am Session 2

A Redesign Requires Rebranding

Presenter: Chris Ward Jr.

As we reimagine who we are and who we could be, we also think about how we share our stories and

occupy new spaces. Same powerful story; new perspective. In this conversation, we explore the power of storytelling and branding ourselves as we navigate all areas of our lives.


12:15 pm Lunch Keynote Jenny Campbell

Owning My Journey &  Redesigning My Life

1:30 pm Session 3

Stories of a Fearless Trailblazer: Healing & Growth

Panelists: Esmeralda Cabrera, Katina Chase, Nafisa Chowdhury, and Nathali J. Zamora

This panel of fearless trailblazers share how their superpowers are their source of healing and growth as they navigate relationships, careers, and personal growth. As they share their stories of resiliency, courage, and triumph,

we take note of their lessons learned and words of wisdom.

2:30 pm Closing Remarks

Experience Captured by Photographer Shaquan Jacobs 

Keynote, Presenters, and Panietlists Biographies

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